Putting the candidate at the heart of the journey

Mike Beynon and Angela Lyons from SSCL* believe that candidate satisfaction sits at the heart of an effective recruitment journey. So much so that they confess to being ‘obsessed’ with applicant satisfaction scores. Responsible for managing and optimising the candidate journey for SSCL clients, they believe that while ensuring a positive and engaging candidate journey is an important objective in itself, it can also boost the effectiveness of the overall recruitment process.

This is why, by encouraging, embracing and acting on candidate feedback, Mike and Angela have created a candidate journey that empowers public sector organisations to exceed recruitment targets.

SSCL supports volume recruitment of prison and police officers for both the Ministry of Justice  and the Metropolitan Police. It offers an end-to-end service, from attracting candidates right through to managing security checks and employment offers.

By understanding what candidates want from the recruitment process, we have created innovative, tech-driven solutions to enhance the candidate’s journey. For example, a key issue for candidates is not having visibility over the progress of their application. We solved this by creating self-service portals which can easily be accessed from mobile devices. We also nudge candidates through the recruitment process to maximise the volume of completed applications,” said Mike, Deputy Director, Resourcing Services.

We are proud to say that our applicant satisfaction score is over 95 per cent and that our clients are seeing a huge uplift in recruitment."

Police forces can be confident that our volume recruitment process will generate the new talent they need, despite the tight time frames involved. The question is not whether we will hit the target, but whether we will hit it earlier than planned,” said Angela, Head of Volume Recruitment, SSCL.

How the right candidates get the right opportunities

Mike and Angela have invested a lot of time and energy into perfecting the volume recruitment journey for organisations that need to hire at scale. This process is an ideal fit for police forces looking to successfully tackle talent acquisition for the 20,000 initiative.


The focus here is on engaging and informing candidates. This is achieved using video content and virtual reality tours hosted on a dedicated microsite. These showcase both the positives and the challenges of the job, ensuring that candidates fully understand the role before applying.


The application process is intuitive, enabling people to click through from the recruitment microsite and upload their CV or fill in a form. Applicants are nudged through the processes by email or text notifications to reduce time delays and ensure a healthy pipeline.


Selection criteria and methodology can be tailored for each police force, allowing them to stipulate what bespoke competencies are required for the role. SSCL’s Vacancy Manager team manages the sifting of applications and schedules suitable candidates for interviews and assessment centres.


The focus is on speeding up the verification process for successful candidates. This includes recording key information during the interview stage as well as electronic checking of employment history against HMRC tax records. Online new starter forms are also completed so that contracts can be issued online and HR records commenced.

Offer and Hire

Onboarding portals provide candidates with key information, upfront learning and engaging communication throughout the onboarding process, including video insight and welcome messages from colleagues.

*SSCL is a trading name of Shared Services Connected Ltd.

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