Partnerships will help police forces deliver on Government recruitment goals

The Government’s pledge to fund the recruitment of 20,000 new police officers promises to ease the pressure on frontline teams, support crime reduction and boost diversity. However, hitting these recruitment targets needs a new approach - one built on partnerships.

Many forces are faced with an unprecedented uplift in recruitment. To put this into context, when we started working with the Metropolitan Police our brief was to maintain the level of officers, which meant recruiting 150 PCs a month. However, as priorities changed, this increased to around 430 officers a month. This type of uplift can present a significant challenge, especially for forces who do not have external support in place,” said Sue-Ellen Wright, Managing Director of SSCL Police.

Uniquely placed to deliver transformation

Wright puts the exceptional recruitment outcomes that SSCL delivers down to a unique combination of brilliant people, innovative technology and customer focus. However, the foundation for success is the unwavering focus on building a deep and trusted partnership.  

We work very closely with the Metropolitan Police and our wins are founded on an open and collaborative partnership,” said Wright. “There are many points within the recruitment process where we both have a part to play. However, the key to success is understanding the challenges on both sides and working collectively to become a champion team.”

Working together, SSCL and the Metropolitan Police have taken a data-driven approach to revising recruitment policies, ensuring that the candidate pool is as wide as possible without compromising on quality. Vetting is another area where the organisations have worked together to create a streamlined, candidate-focused process. This has included investment in additional HR resources at the Metropolitan Police as well as a digital solution to enhance the candidate selection process.

By transforming and digitising the recruitment process, SSCL has enabled the Metropolitan Police to hit recruitment targets ahead of schedule. However, Wright is most proud of the ‘one-team’ approach that has enabled these outcomes.

The way the team has worked so closely and collaboratively with The Metropolitan Police is a real testament to the dedication and passion of all the people involved,” said Wright.

Looking to the future, we hope to support more police forces as they work to meet Government recruitment targets. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of our customer; what works for one police force will not necessarily be right for another. That’s why we can support via consulting on transformation, creating digital solutions or developing an end-to-end service to manage recruitment. We encourage police forces to come and talk to us as partnership is key to tackling recruitment challenges.”

Sue-Ellen Wright                                                                                        Managing Director SSCL Police                                                                

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